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Is the adventurous story of a beer loving Danish math- and physics teacher, who started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast in his small kitchen in Copenhagen.

Today he exports his craft beer to 40 countries, with just as many Mikkeller locations. The inventive and constant development of Mikkeller has resulted in a brewery internationally acclaimed for innovation and quality.

Mikkeller is first and foremost beer...

Showcasing all possible styles and ingredients, this is a universe whose endless possibilities include hops, malt, barrel aging, spontaneous fermentation, coffee, passion fruit, cherries, chilli, yuzu, chocolate and more. But it does not stop there.

We also operate bars and restaurants around the world, host an internationally-renowned beer festival and have a world-wide running club with +150 branches in cities around the world.

Purpose, Vision & Mission

Our Purpose

To inspire and excite the world of craft beer.

Our Vision

To create the most fun, inspiring and adventurous beer experiences in the world.

Our Mission

We believe that quality, innovation, and passion are the keys to creating truly exceptional experiences. We also believe in the power of community and collaboration as a mean to drive creativity and bring life to new ideas.

Our goal is to create new adventurous and curious beer lovers and to provide exciting, challenging, and playful experiences that will inspire people to drink high quality craft beer and become Mikkeller devotees for life.

Core Values & Definitions


is our commitment to the uncompromising pursuit of perfection in every part of the brewing process and the beer experience.

It’s not about finding the easiest or cheapest solution, but always the best solution.


is at the cornerstone of our trailblazing approach to brewing, we’re constantly challenging traditional norms and redefining what beer and the beer experience can be.

We don't’ stand still, but continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


extends beyond the brewery walls and resonates with the community of beer enthusiasts.

Our passion for beer is contagious, inspiring and captivates those who appreciate the craft. We actively engage our audience, fostering a sense of shared excitement and creating a vibrant and inclusive beer community.


is an integral part of the Mikkeller culture, we aim to add an element of joy, excitement, and playfulness to the world of craft beer.

We believe that beer should be enjoyed in a lighthearted, informal and entertaining way, creating experiences that evoke smiles, laughter, and a sense of delight amongst the community.


is a fundamental value that guides our approach to brewing and beer culture. We believe that beer should be a unifying force, breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and represented regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Henry & Sally
These two characters were invented by Mikkeller’s ever-present first Art Director Keith Shore, and have grown to be synonymous with Mikkeller’s visual identity.

These longtime best friends have been travelling the World as super stars of the international craft beer scene, and they have an impressive line of amazing adventures on their CVs playing the leading roles in most of Mikkeller's artwork.
Our Logo
The main Mikkeller logo of course also features Henry & Sally. You can find the logo in black for light backgrounds as well as inverted for dark backgrounds and also in some of our signature colors for contrast on colored backgrounds.

Below are codes for our signature colors used for print and graphics. HEX and RGB for screens, as well as CMYK and Pantone for print. Click a color to copy HEX code to your clipboard.
Primary colors: Used for colored text and backgrounds. For example to compliment black/white or black/paper.
Moss Green
HEX #357c4f
RGB 53, 124, 79
Evening Blue
HEX #0f0f54
RGB 15, 15, 84
HEX #8f5c35
RGB 143, 92, 53
Secondary colors: typically used as accents and for more colorful and less formal contexts.
HEX #882c29
RGB 136, 44, 41
HEX #eee5d2
RGB 53, 124, 79
HEX #f0b7ad
RGB 240, 183, 173
HEX #cfb5bc
RGB 207, 181, 188
HEX #da3a35
RGB 218, 58, 53
HEX #f5e14b
RGB 218, 58, 53
HEX #3584ba
RGB 53, 132, 186
HEX #6a4f98
RGB 106, 79, 152
Even though the artwork of Mikkeller features a lot of different typefaces and custom lettering, these are the fonts that we use on a regular basis.
Our unique hand-drawn Mikkeller font, which is used in more playful contexts. Please use sparsely and only for headings.
Primary font used for header and in general for more formal purposes (H1 & H2). Not to be used capitalized.
Subheader font, often used capitalized. (H3 & H4)
Body font used for all paragraphs.

Sub Brands

Mikkeller has a number of sub brands with strong individual identities. Click each brand's logo to read more.


A key element of Mikkeller's brand is collaboration. From world renowned restaurants and amazing breweries to design brands, wineries and artists. We pride ourselves in working with the best of the best.

Collaborations Include: Budvar, H.C. Andersen, B&O, SAS, Gaffel, The Danish Red Cross, Uerige, Weingut Meierer, Burger King, Gulpener, Edwin Europe, The National, Warner Bros., David Lynch, The Danish Refugee Council, Le-fix, Trentemøller, Louis Poulsen, Rick Astley, El Cellar de can Roca, Alinea, Omnipollo, Coffee Collective, Lentz Confectionary, BEC, Rezet, Soundboks, Strandberg Publishing, Spine Studio and many more.
H.C. Andersen
In the celebration of the opening of H.C. Andersen’s House in Odense in 2021, we brewed two beers inspired by the poetic, botanical world of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales. The artwork successfully merged Andersen’s famous paper cuts with Mikkeller’s characters Henry & Sally.
David Lynch
We teamed up with the legendary film creator David Lynch and brewed the three Twin Peak Beers, ’Log Lady Lager,’ ’Damn Good Coffee Stout’ and ’Red Room Ale’, which all launched at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in L.A. in 2017. The year after Marietta Red was launched as a tribute to the Lynch movie ‘Wild at Heart’.
Burger King
Mikkeller and Burger King teamed up for the non-alcoholic beer The King's Cup. The beer was paired and launched with two new gourmet burgers. "Since the beginning of Mikkeller it has been my aim to democratize high quality craft beer and to raise the overall standard of beer. With this collaboration, which I think is fun and inclusive, we reach a different audience than the people who normally go to our bars or visit fine dining restaurants,” said founder and CEO, Mikkel Bjergsø about the collaboration.
Strandberg Publishing
In close collaboration with the Danish Publisher Strandberg Publishing, the skilled book designers from Spine Studio and the talented journalist and author Anders Ryehauge, we created the coffee table book ‘Mikkeller – the Unusual Story of an Unusual Beer Brand’. The book adds a new chapter to the history of beer-brewing by telling the full story of Mikkeller as an authentic brand that has placed Denmark at the top of specialty beer production in the world.
Though lager is maybe looked upon as the simplest beer style in the world, what may appear simple is actually pretty complicated. Brewing the best lager in the World is a scientific task with no room for flaws, and the Czech brewery team from Budvar are experts. With Budvar – and as a tribute to the classic beer style - we brewed #Yearofthelager.
Edwin Europe
What the cool fashion brand Edwin Europe and Mikkeller have in common is a love for good beer, great fashion and everything Japanese. All this has been tied together twice, when we did a custom Edwin x Mikkeller glass plus through the collaboration of a limited line of merch (coming out in 2024).
Weingut Meierer
From his vineyard in beautiful Mosel, Matthias Meierer makes amazing wines. In collaboration with him, we have previously made our own Mikkeller Riesling and Pet Nat, and he delivers the sweet sweet grapes for our non alc beer Limbo Riesling and the New England Style IPA, Riesling People.
The National
Mikkeller and this amazing American rock band teamed up on several occasions, among other in the creation of the Copenhagen Music Festival Haven, which aimed at giving the audience a holistic high-quality experience (music, food, beer). We also partnered up for the beer ‘Reality Based Pils’ and the Mikkeller bar in Paris.
Red Cross
Each year, the Danish Red Cross selects ten strong personalities from the cultural and business community to become members of ‘Club 10’. The members help the organization raise money for people in need around the world. In 2021 Mikkel Bjergsø, Founder and Creative Director of Mikkeller, was one of these selected ambassadors.
Throughout 2021 Mikkeller supported him and the Red Cross through different activities and collected more than 1.3 million DKK.
In the pursuit of creating perfect beers Founder and CEO of Mikkeller Mikkel Bjergsø on several occasions traveled to Cologne to study the art of brewing Köelsch, and who other to learn from than the legendary brewery of Gaffel. With them we brewed our own Köelsch ‘Sally! O Sally!’.
Rick Astley
The love story between the British pop icon Rick Astley and Mikkeller goes all the way back to Mikkel Bjergsø’s early teenage years, where Astley’s vinyls were spinning in his room.

Many years later, faith brought the brewer and the pop legend together. Mikkeller & Astley have teamed up for several brews, and today Astley is the co-owner of Mikkeller’s bar and brewpub in London.
Since 2014 we have brewed more than 20 different beers for the Scandinavian Airlines SAS elevating the quality of beer experiences on flights to the next level. Mikkeller at the same time took up the challenge to meet the innovative demands for beer served in cabin pressure 10.000 feet above the ground.
Game of Thrones & House of the Dragon
With Warner Brothers Consumer Products Mikkeller created a number of beers to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the tv series Game of Thrones plus the premiere of the prequel House of the Dragon.
Le Fix
Mikkeller and the Danish fashion brand Le Fix have worked together on several occasions, among other in creating a long sleeve t-shirt and a hoodie for Mikkeller’s brewpub WarPigs. 

This unique drop featured a combination of edgy metal vibes and cool street culture, merging two distinct styles.Both garments have a custom and cool Le Fix version of the WarPigs logo on the back and down the sleeves, as well as the iconic classic WarPigs logo on the front.
Lentz Confectionary
We’re always looking for new ways to heighten the quality of the products we sell at our locations and new, exciting projects. So, why not make our own chocolate? Along with Lentz Confectionary we’ve created our own chocolate brand with a range of different flavors, among other caramelized malt and sea salt.
With a joint quest to celebrate the classic beer style ‘Lager’, Mikkeller’s former art director Keith Shore teamed up with Karl Grandin, art director of the Swedish craft beer brand Omnipollo, to create a unique one off hoodie for Mikkeller’s beer festival Mikkeller beer Celebration Copenhagen 2023.
We’ve done numerous pop ups at our locations. A few of them have been with B.E.C. who have done mouthwatering NY-sandos at both our Copenhagen brewpub WarPigs and this particular one at our brewpub in Exmouth, London. For that occasion we of course brewed a special beer to flush all down with, Deli-Kat.
The iconic Danish supermarket chain Irma has always been synonymous with high quality, so when the opportunity arose, collaborating with them was an obvious choice, and seeing Mikkeller’s characters Henry & Sally in the company of Irma Pigen (the Irma girl) on the beer labels is something truly unique. Mikkeller and Irma created 12 different beers together.


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