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Vester Fælledvej 5
1750 København

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대동강 (Taedonggang Pale Ale)
Scour Scandinavia Spontan Seabuckthorn
Spontanquadrupelraspberry (2018)

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Bobs Hytte


Mikkellers home base of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, has a long and rich history of small pubs, bars and bodegas, the oldest of them being just over 100 years old. Bobs Hytte (previously known as Onkel Bobs Hytte, until unknown assailants stole the first five letters during a renovation of the facade) is a very classic Copenhagen style bodega founded in 1898.

The locals refer to these places as brune værtshuse - or brown bars, aptly named after the fact that the inside decor in these places a traditionally made from wood. Vesterbro is the part of Copenhagen that has the most of these legendary spots, and like it’s siblings around town, Bobs Hytte has retained the authentic feel, decor, and selection that defines them.

Unlike nearly every other Mikkeller project, we really haven’t changed anything of note when we took over Bobs Hytte. The interior is still the same, the prices are still the same, you can still smoke inside, and the regulars have stuck around. One of the only things we changed, was that we installed a tap, that is always flowing with Mikkeller beer.

Bobs Hytte is an ideal way to experience some of the most authentic and true part of Copenhagens colorful history.

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