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Metaphore Tasting & Arla Unika Cheese Pairing

May 9
(Local time)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Métaphore deliberately embraces the art of spontaneous and wild fermentation, deeply rooted in the terroir of the Czech Republic.

Not only do Jiří's 'slow beers' reflect the time and place from which they originate, but they primarily embody his profound ideas, thoughts, and worldviews, manifested in each and every bottle he produces. Thus, we've paired his beers with the exquisite selection of cheeses from Arla Unika. This event will not only tickle your senses and delight your taste buds, but Jiří will also share the story behind his brewery, his philosophy, and the inspiration for his unique beers, all eloquently presented by the brewer himself. Hurry, seats are limited! Secure your tickets by clicking on the ticket button!

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