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Not only beer

Mikkeller is not only a brewery – it is a company driven by passion and ambition. In principle, there are no real limits when it comes to which kinds of projects we will engage in, provided they align with our ideals of creativity and quality. Beer will always be at our core, but we also engage in a lot of other fun and interesting projects. As we pour our hearts into each new endeavor, we continue to strive for the highest level of quality.

Final Gravity

Mikkeller founder and CEO Mikkel Borg Bjergsø has a past as one of Denmark’s most talented competitive runners. This history is what originally sparked the idea of founding the Mikkeller Running Club: an unpretentious community where a beer at the end of the run is as mandatory as the run itself. Now, just five years later, the Running Club has grown to become the largest running community in the world, with over 250 chapters scattered across the globe. These runners all run in Mikkeller merchandise. Unsatisfied with his own running gear, Bjergsø decided to create his own sports brand in collaboration with the Danish designers from Femmes Régionales. The outcome of that collaboration is Final Gravity, which marries athletic comfort with the distinct stylish flair of Femmes Régionales – a unique imprint the designers have also left upon several of Mikkeller’s bars across the world. The result is an elegant, independent running apparel brand, which unites first-time athletes with elite runners, beer lovers with fashion addicts, and hedonists with control freaks.

Mikkeller X Meierer

To many, this still comes as quite a surprise: Mikkeller actually also makes wine. In 2011, we were introduced to the young German winegrower Matthias Meierer, from Weingut Meierer in Germany. Initially we were only looking to source some grape juice for our beers, but Matthias’s wonderful wine and pleasant demeanor swept us off our feet, and we ended up collaborating with him on more projects. In 2015, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø purchased a small vineyard in Germany, in the winemaking village of Kesten; the first fruitful result from the vineyard was Wine Geek Riesling. Always keen to incorporate a beer twist into the mix, we made a dry hopped Riesling to combine the crafts of winemaking and beer brewing. (Anyone who loves beer knows how well a wine can fit between those beer-packed tastings!) On the flip side, we've also worked the wine into the beer side of things: we have produced several styles of beer with Riesling juice, including Hazy IPA, Berliner-style Weisse, Lager, Brut Ale, Brut IPA, and non-ABV offerings. Look for these seasonal styles in Mikkeller bars and shops.


Besides beer, another huge passion of ours is food. It's no secret that beer and food can be just a great a match as food and wine – and sometimes, even better! Thus, it seemed only fitting that we’d eventually work our way into the food scene. Naturally, in all of Mikkeller’s restaurants you’ll find an exclusive selection of beer, both on tap as well as in bottles and cans.

Every restaurant project with which we have been involved has been born out of Mikkel Borg Bjergsø’s love for specific kitchens or types of restaurant. For example, his fascination with traditional Japanese ramen spawned the Ramen to Bíiru locations around Copenhagen.

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