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Stefansgade 35 kld
2200 Copenhagen N

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대동강 (Taedonggang Pale Ale)
Scour Scandinavia Spontan Seabuckthorn
Spontanquadrupelraspberry (2018)

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Mikkeller & Friends


First there was one, then there were two: the global expansion of Mikkeller began on Stefansgade when we opened our second bar in Copenhagen. From the beginnings in Vesterbro, we turned our eyes towards Nørrebro, another of Copenhagen's vibrant neighborhoods. Whereas our first bar focuses mainly on our own beers, Mikkeller & Friends highlights what's in its name: our friends. We doubled the amount of taps, going from 20 to 40, which made it possible to broaden our focus. This means that we always carry a wide selection of Mikkeller beers on tap as well as a rotating stock of guest beers from around the world.

In March of 2013 it became official: Mikkeller had now doubled its number of locations. Additionally, with this second location, we decided to open a bottle shop in the adjoining space. The shop soon outgrew the space, and before long it left the nest for a permanent location in the local food court, Torvehallerne.

In the bottle shop's place, we opened Koelschip, a traditional Belgian lambic bar focusing exclusively on the specific type of sour beer the Belgians have made world-famous. To this day, Koelschip and “Friends” (as it's affectionately known) work with and alongside each other, despite their drastically different atmospheres and points of focus.

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