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Humletorvet 27, 3. sal
1799 Copenhagen V

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대동강 (Taedonggang Pale Ale)
Scour Scandinavia Spontan Seabuckthorn
Spontanquadrupelraspberry (2018)

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Mikkeller HQ


Mikkeller Headquarters is the nerve center from which our amazing beer is spread across the globe. With the aid of Femmes Régionales, we installed the second edition of our headquarters in the newly built area of Copenhagen known as Carlsberg Byen, or “Carlsberg City.” Bringing their unwavering sense of style to the table yet again, Femmes Régionales incorporated design elements from the first Mikkeller bar and married these with colorful themes from the universe of renowned Danish designer Verner Panton. Slick and stylish interior features partner with warehouse-like utility elements to create a space that is just like our beers: flamboyant and genre-defying, yet rooted in tradition and a hunger for quality.Adding to the charm of our Headquarters is the address, Humletorvet. To those not familiar with the Danish language, this literally translates to “hops square” – a fitting home for the epicenter of the Mikkeller universe.

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