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1500043 Shibuya, Tokyo

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대동강 (Taedonggang Pale Ale)
Scour Scandinavia Spontan Seabuckthorn
Spontanquadrupelraspberry (2018)

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Mikkeller Bar Tokyo


A hidden gem amid the back streets of Shibuya (across from a love hotel and a shrine), Mikkeller Tokyo puts the craziest beers from Japan and around the world on its 20 taps. Drink downstairs watching the action on the street or move up to the second floor for a quieter place to relax with friends. Whether it’s your first craft beer or your thousandth, Mikkeller Tokyo has you covered.

The abundance of choices should win the hearts of beer aficionados of all levels and walks of life. Moreover, the beers on tap come in two sizes, a small glass or a pint, allowing the opportunity to savor a few brews on any given visit.The bar’s cool, minimalistic design with its open window seats attributes to a unique off-the-beaten-path experience and makes this bar a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest major cities.The bar serves Danish inspired open-faced sandwiches and snacks to go with the beer.

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