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Gongin 2
100 Tórshavn

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대동강 (Taedonggang Pale Ale)
Scour Scandinavia Spontan Seabuckthorn
Spontanquadrupelraspberry (2018)

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Mikkeller Bar Tórshavn


Mikkeller has always done what we can to seek out truly unique locations, matching our ambition to create truly unique beers. On a remote set of North Atlantic islands nestled in a historic neighborhood, a four-hundred-year-old wooden house lies tucked away amongst pristine fjords and surrounded by free-roaming sheep. This house is now home to our most hidden oasis, Mikkeller Tórshavn.

Featuring 16 taps of our own beers, the bar also offers beers from friends near and far – though if we're being honest, since this is the Faroe Islands, our friends most often come from afar!We can confidently say that out of all our locations, Tórshavn is truly one-of-a-kind for us.

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