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September 20, 2012

Festival at De Molen


Although we here at Mikkeller hate repetition and predictability, we do have certain traditions. One of them is that we each autumn take a trip to Holland, to Bodegraven to attend the beer festival at De Molen. This year is no exception.

The festval at De Molen gives us the opportunity to meet a lot of happy beer geeks, brewers and col-leagues. Again this year, Menno, Bea and the rest of the Dutch team has commissioned sunshine and blue skies, so if you haven’t planned your trip to this festival yet, get it done in a hurry.

The festival is held on Friday 28 September and Saturday 29 September, at this link you can read more about the festival at De Molen.

Again this year Mikkeller brings some unique beers to this festival. Beers that you will not find anywhere else.  We’ve just brewed a Milk Stout at 3.9% alcohol specifically for this festival, it has gained a lot of lactose and even more hops. The result is a black, sweet and very aromatic beer that you just can’t get enough of. Mikkel has named this beer MILF stout - old milf with a Mikkeller twist. In addition to this black and cute baby, we’ll also bring a lot of sour beer this year. In fact, we’ll bring ten different sour beers to the festival. Some brewed with blueberries, some with raspberries and others with coffee. Some of them are old and some very young - and some in between.

So if you are looking for unique beer experiences, then we'll see you at the Mikkeller stand for this year's festival at De Molen.

Here you'll see the complete list of beers that Mikkeller brings to De Molen this year:

SpontanDoubleCherry 1 year 8.5%

SpontanDoubleCherry ½ year 8.5%

SpontanDoubleBlueberry 8.5%

Jonge Spontanale (Flat) 4%

Jonge Spontanale (CBC) 4%

SpontanFramboos 7.7%

Milf Stout 3.9%

Spontanale 5.3%

Jonge Spontanale 4 month 6.2%

Spontankoppi 5.3%

Spontankriek 7.7%


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