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Experience the best of craft beer with Mikkeller. As a pioneer in the global craft beer scene, we offer a wide variety of high-quality and delicious beers perfect for any occasion.Whether you're looking for classic beer styles or more unique and experimental flavors, we've got you covered with our beer tastings, Friday bar beer supply or any other events!

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#1: BEER TASTING - from 295 dkk per person

(min 20 pax or 5.900 dkk)

As a pioneer in the global microbrewery scene, Mikkeller has many years of experience with beer tastings, and due to the brewery's range - both in terms of science and ingenuity - we have the opportunity to compose the beer tasting based on a very wide and varied repertoire of beers and beer styles spiced with storytelling and an enormous knowledge of the subject.

A beer tasting with Mikkeller includes:

  • 5 different beers
  • 1 tasting glass of 20 cl that each participant can keep after the tasting
  • A super enthusiastic and knowledgeable 'beer geek' who will guide you safely through the tasting
  • Beer styles for every taste
  • The possibility to request specific beer styles or themes for the tasting
  • The possibility to choose non-alcoholic beers

Practical info

  • We will provide delivery of the entire tasting package to the location where the tasting will take place
  • We will bring all necessary equipment for the tasting
  • There are no big requirements for the setup of the participants - we can hold the tasting standing, sitting or at small tables
  • The duration of the tasting is approximately 1.5 hours
  • We also offer to provide a draft beer system for the subsequent Friday bar, if the mood is right
  • It will also be possible to order your new favorite beer after the tasting at a favorable price, if you are interested.
Composition of 3 images with Mikkeller bottles and a glass of beer
Composition of two images with a glass of beer each

#2: FRIDAY BAR BEER SUPPLY - starting from 295 dkk per person

(a selection of beer - cans and/or draft)

Mikkeller offers a wide range of high-quality and delicious craft beers that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for classic beer styles or more unique and experimental flavors, we have something for everyone.

We offer both draft beers and cans/bottles for your next Friday bar or other social event.

Practical info

  • We will provide delivery
  • If cans / bottle, you will need a fridge or other cooling solution
  • The possibility to request specific beer styles
  • The possibility to choose non-alcoholic beers

#3: Beer Tasting & Friday bar supply - from 445 dkk per person

(a combination of package 1 and 2 - we got you covered)

If you are looking for the ultimate Mikkeller beer package, this is it. We will combine package 1 & 2 to suit your needs, so your event participants first can get an introduction to the different beers before they hit the draft lines. The perfect Friday bar and beer supply for your event!

A lot of people outside of Mikkeller Warpigs celebrating with beer
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Catering needs? We got you!

Mikkeller is not just a source of awesome beer experiences - we are also passionate about awesome dining experiences.

Our dedicated staff will take your guests on a gastronomical journey, no matter if you want to experience the heat from Central America in our Mexican taqueria La Neta, Michelin worthy open face sandwiches from Selma, a bowl of steaming ramen from Ramen to Bíiru or an authentic Texan barbecue with smoked meat and different sauces.

All dining concepts can be scaled and we are ready to accomodate your needs - whether that covers Mexican lagers and tacos for your Friday bar to delicious Ramen at your music festival.

Prices vary depending on your need and the amount of participants, but we strive to offer a fair price and a delicious product. Prices start at 150 dkk pr person.

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