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May 9, 2016

Mikkeller Beer Week Event Listing

Hi. Take a seat.


With so many venues in play and all the amazing events we have lined up for this years MBW, this is the the place you can always go to for the full overview of happenings. As we go along we will be updating this regularly, so check back frequently to stay updated. Furthermore, all the venues will be listing one main event on their Facebook pages, should you wish to keep taps on specific bars/restaurants etc.

Welcome to the show, friends!

 Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

8/5: Birthday and street party
Mikkeller Bar turns 6!
As always, this means that we will kick off Mikkeller Beer Week by closing of the street for traffic and launch a huge street party at Viktoriagade from 11 am. We have invited our best friends and neighbors to make sure that nothing will be missed in terms of food, drinks and entertainment.
There will be live music from 1 to 3 and the rest of the time DJ’s will be playing from an old Firetruck to make sure the atmosphere is as killer as always when this young lady celebrates her birthday.

9/5: The Battle of the Randalls: Viktoriagade vs. Stefansgade
The battle of the Randalls is back!
It’s Stefansgade vs. Viktoriagade, Nørrebro vs. Vesterbro, a rowdy no bullshit attitude vs. grown up integrity. Last year at CBC the boisterous little brother from Stefansgade took a surprising victory with their Tea-BC pils over big sister Viktoria’s strawberry infused version. This year Mikkeller Porter will be the base beer that both bars will try to upgrade. Swing by Viktoriagade, taste them both and cast your vote in the battle of the Randalls.

10/5: Vertical tastings of Belgian classics
Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade is blessed with a vintage bottle list of Belgian classics to die for. Unfortunately, few people find it suiting to go through all of our 11 different vintages of 12 per cent Stille Nacht. Today you have the chance to do this without killing you liver or your wallet.
De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva, Orval, De Dolle Stille Nacht and Rodenbach Grand Cru will be on sale in small sample sizes in several different vintages going all the way back to 2005. All bottles have been stored properly so we guarantee that quality is high.
Older vintages are limited quantity so this is definitely a one-time experience at Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade. Don’t miss out on this!

11/5: Three Floyds Tap Takeover
Three Floyds Tap Takeover returns once again to Viktoriagade. This is the annual day of fresh Zombie Dust and barrel aged Dark Lord (3 different versions) on tap brought all the way from Munster, Indiana to the Floyd brother’s second home in Europe.
We have invited legendary Copenhagen “pølsemand”, Hot Dog John, to make sure that you will still be on your feet after four different glasses of 15% imperial stout. This is a day of celebration in Viktoriagade and we are so happy to be able to invite the Floyd brothers and their beers to our bar once again for a rock and roll atmosphere for the fourth year in a row.

12/5: Meet the brewer: Upcoming Danish Breweries
At Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade we acknowledge and appreciate the whales being brought to Copenhagen for the week. But we should not forget that great things are happening here in our own city as well.
Dry and Bitter and Alefarm are two new Danish breweries that we really believe in. We have invited the brewers to bring some of their favorite beers (that they don’t bring for the CBC sessions) to give non-Copenhageners a chance to see what’s happening on the beer scene in our wonderful city. The brewers will sit in the bar all day to guide you in your choices. Chat them up, they are nice and knowledgeable people!

15/5: Sunday brunch and coffee
“After a week of craft beer drinking it is probably time to stop.” Said no sane beer geek ever. You just need to stock up on greasy food and make sure the beers and cocktails you drink contain coffee.
With a little help from our friends at Mikropolis we will ensure the latter. Øl & Brød will guarantee the former with a big buffet at their restaurant next door. You can bring your food to our benches outside and enjoy a Beer Geek Breakfast, an espresso Martini or a warm cup of coffee from the Swedish coffee aficionados from Koppi with your Sunday morning brunch!

WarPigs Brewpub

10/5: Mikkeller Beer Run
The 2nd edition of the beer run will take you through the streets of Vesterbro - and a whole lotta beers!! Start/Finish right here at 19.00

11/5: Crooked Moon Tattoo Day
Brothers Jacob and Jonas from Crooked Moon Helsingborg will be in the house to tap a testosterone version of their Mikkeller collab beer Crooked Moon IIPA (this one having a ton of fruit added to it!) brewed right here at WarPigs. Mikkeller is releasing the same version (brewed in Belgium) around CBC, but this is your chance to taste it fresh as can be, straight from the kegging line.

To make our Swedish brothers feel at home, Chef Andrew will be creating a couple of small disaster/masterpieces by doing a WarPigs take on the infamous IKEA buffet. It's going to be silly and tasty.

Last but not least; they will be giving away two tattoos for free! (one each) All you have to do is show up, put your name on the list at the bar and write a short explanation as to why you deserve to be the lucky owner!
Jacob and Jonas will read through all entries and pick the winners at 19:00.
The designs will be pre-made and palm-size.
Check back for pictures.

12/5: Hill Farmstead Day
Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery will be brewing one of his amazing beers together with our brewers Kyle and Lan-Xin, as well as hosting a massive tap takeover. There will be bottles that have never left the brewery in Vermont for sale anywhere, so this one is not to be missed! (note: bottles are for in-house consumption only)
To keep your hunger in check, the kitchen will be serving some Vermont signature food.  

13/5: S.O.B. Concert for free!
An all members of S.O.D.-approved 1 time only project cover band, Stormtroopers of Beer will be playing Speak English Or Die in its entirety outside our brewpub at 21:00, just in time after the final session at CBC Friday night.
Band members are
Danny Lilker (S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth and more) Bass
Kenneth (Mikkeller's very own Warehouse WarPig) Vocals
Tompa (At The Gates, Disfear and more) Vocals
Adde (General Surgery) Drums
Jocke (General Surgery) Guitar


The annual Big Pig Contest
We are seeking the most glutenous, greediest, meat eating swine we can find to Crown this years Champion.
If you think you are up for the challenge? If you got the Guts? If your heart is strong enough? If you dream of being cheered on as you gorge on MEAT... than we want you!

All interested contestants should contact WarPigs and tell us why you deserve a shot at the title.

So even if you aint up for the challenge please show your support at WarPigs at 1400kl. Be warned, this could get nasty.

Mikkeller Running Club

Mikkeller Beer Run
The 2nd edition of our beer run taking us through the streets of Vesterbro - and a whole lotta beers!! Start/Finish at Warpigs, 19.00

We run from Mikropolis in Vendersgade 22, Cph K to visit the new TO ØL place in Nørrebro, BRUS, and finish at Mikropolis for some cocktails...

Tattoo Run
Hope to have all our friends from CPH and the rest of the world joining us for this extra training. Beers will be served from the Firestarter - and if you'd like, you can go get your own MRC Tattoo from the ultra cool guys from Crooked Moon Tattoo.

Øl & Brød

11/5: Chef Collaboration Dinner
It's time for another chefs get-together! The last event was such a succes, we had to do it again. Loads of great food, beers, akvavit's and good vibes.

We'll be serving snacks, one course per chef, beer pairings for each dish, coffee and petitfour.

The chef lineup:
Umut Sakarya, Grisen
Mads Søndergaard, National Culinary Team of Denmark
Rasmus Kirkegaard, Nimb Terrasse
Eric, Vildgaard, Fredensborg Store Kro
Yves Le Lay, Nimb Terrasse
Emil Bjerg & Patrick Bach, Øl & Brød

The dinner starts at 19:00, and the price for the event is 950,- DKK. Limited to no more than 35 tickets. Get it here: Madbillet

The menu for the event will be presented on our Facebook page and instagram account

15/5: Hangover Brunch
After a heavy week of drinking, you'll need a solid hangover brunch. Luckily for you, we'll be rolling out a massive buffet with all the good stuff: sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon, cold cuts, croissants, cheeses and other great things. You simply get your tray, fill it, and find yourself spot at the bar or outside. The deal also includes one beer, coffee, tea, juices or water.

There is enough food for 100 pax, so be there in good time.

Price: 250,- DKK


Mikkeller & Friends

9/5: Boxing Cat and Great Leap kick it all off
Kicking off the epic beer journey of Copenhagen Beer Week with a touch of the East. Direct from Beijing we have the never before seen on these shores Great Leap Brewing! And with them we have our old friend's Boxing Cat straight out of Shanghai. Both these giants of beer have been bringing their own influences to the scene in China, and have got a lot of recognition from all over the world for their styles, but it times to see how they can cope with the biggest Beer Week in the world! They have brought a section of rarities to kick our week off in be sure to be on time as there is only 1 keg of each on offer!

10/5: Koelschip takes over
We all know the wonders of Koelschip located within the four walls of Mikkeller&Friends....but on this day they are taking over our taps as well!
Over the past few years we have gone bigger and bigger for a day dedicated to all you fans of the funky, dry and acidic beers....and this year is no exception! When Koelschip takes over we will have a total off 44 sours on tap to tantalise, pucker and shatter your tastebuds! Just think.....44 sour beers on draft......44!

11/5: Battle of Britain
One if by land, and two if by sea....the English are coming!
This day is for the cornerstones of the UK. 4 breweries will cause havoc upon our 40 taps! With 10 taps each, they have been asked to big their 'A' Game, and that is exactly what they have done! Battling it out over the Battle of Britain on Stefansgade we have Beavertown, Brew By Numbers, BrewDog and the Kernel! Each of these influential masters of their craft have had a huge impact on the global beer scene but when we put them side to side...and toe to toe, who will come out on top!

12/5: Stone have landed!
This is a first for us....we are proud to welcome from just over the wall with a west coast feel....Stone Brewing Berlin!
Finally we have the chance to taste what these guys have been constructing down there. From the very being of the modern beer scene Stone have been at the front of the American shift but now finally on this side of the water we have the chance to try it fresh! The beers we have from these Godfathers are the perfect warm up to the Friday madness at CBC so be sure not to miss this event!

Stone are here.....and they brought the big guns!

13/5: Funky Buddha for a funky Friday
For all you who are looking for the best Friday beer, maybe during a session break or after......we have a treat for you!
We have our good friends at Funky Buddha Brewing coming back! Along with a super rare selection of beers on tap, we pray that these brewing masters will bring some of that beautiful Florida sunshine to kick start the weekend.
You don't get to see these beers on tap get yourself here before you miss out on some of the mostly highly sought after brews from the Sunshine State!!!


                                             Ramen To Bíiru Nørrebro

10/5: Mikkeller Beer Week - Extreme Spicy Miso Ramen Challenge Round 1
If you dare, come down and compete against your friends, see who can eat our Extreme Spicy Miso Ramen the quickest! Sign up on location at 13.45 at get ready to get your spicy slurp on and #RingOnFire !
Not for the faint hearted or minors - at your own risk!
Yours truly ♥
Ramen team

11/5: Mikkeller Beer Week - Extreme Spicy Miso Ramen Challenge Round 2
If you dare, come down and compete against your friends, see who can eat our Extreme Spicy Miso Ramen the quickest! Sign up on location at 13.45 at get ready to get your spicy slurp on and #RingOnFire !
Not for the faint hearted or minors - at your own risk!
Yours truly ♥
Ramen team

9-15/5: Mikkeller Beer Week - Vending Machine Extravaganza
During the week our vending machine will be filled daily with special/rare beers, stay tuned!


Mikkeller Webshop

14/5: Mikkeller Beer Club // WarPigs Troopers Meet-up
From 21:00 - 22:00 at Warpigs brewpub We will corner of the end of the bar, and open up some special bottles in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Drop by and get to know your fellow members. Maybe share a bottle of your best homebrew with them?

NB! Troopers and MBC members only! Bring proof of membership e.g. warpigs coin, invoice, beer club merch or similar.

                                                   Mikkeller Bar Aarhus

 Aarhus CBC Warm Up
We do participate in Mikkeller Beer Week and will spoil you with a crazy CBC inspired tap list all week. This is the perfect occasion to warm up your tastebuds and plan your CBC 2016.

You'll find top notch and very rare Mikkeller beers on tap. In between those are nothing less than 3 beers from the beer geek series! Also you'll find beer from some very exciting CBC breweries; Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Prairie Artisan Ales, Angry Chair Brewing, Half Acre Beer Company! And who knows what else will show up?

Some of the beers for this week:

Acid Trip BA Red Wine
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel BA Islay
Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
Beer Geek Flat White

Prairie Funky Gold Simcoe
Lervig Brewers Reserve Barley Wine 2016 BA Bourbon
Angry Chair The Awakening
Half Acre Taco Day Pale Ale

Ramen To Bíiru Vesterbro

9/5: Mikkeller 'We Bleed Coffee' Imp Stout showdown 
World premiere of Mikkeller's We Bleed Coffee (Imperial Coffee Stout) A three way collab brewed with coffee from 3 world class roasters.

1. We Bleed Coffee - Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1. We Bleed Coffee - Koppi (Helsingborg, Sweden)
1. We Bleed Coffee - Dark Matter (Chicago, USA)

A blend of all three coffee variants will debut at CBC, so if you wanna try all 4 versions, this is your only chance!

12/5: Boneyard Beer Meet The Brewer/Tap Takeover.
Come say hi to Tony (head brewer) and his awesome crew while you sink your head into a bowl of Takuro's mouth-watering ramen, then rinse your palate with one of these kickass beers.
Armored Fist
Daiblo Rojo
Hop Venom
Hop A Wheelie


Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop

Herbal Salvation/Mikkeller Hop Lip balm release

The shop is packed to capacity with new beers and our friends in Hija De Sanchez are making beer braised pig tacos. Bring your friends and have your bottleshares in the sun.

Once again, the shop is fully stocked. Hija De Sanchez is making pozole (mexican coen stew) for you, making Torvehallerne the ideal spot to meet up with your bottleshare/bottletrade friends.

We will be ready to serve all your beer purchasing needs. New releases daily.



11/5: Bokkereyder Tap Take Over
Bokkereyder tap takeover with Raf Souvereyns. We will debut 4 kegs in the afternoon session and 4 different legs for the evening session.

12/5: Oud Beersel Bersalis Sour Blend Release
 With Gert Christiaens of Oud Beersel. This is the world premiere of Oud Beersel's new blend. Oud Beersel beers will take over the taps as well.

15/5: Jester King Comes to Koelschip
Jester King's first 100% spontaneously fermented beer sneak preview. First time ever being presented outside of the brewery- this is Jester King's interpretation of a geuze. Jeffrey Stuffings and crew will be present to talk and answer questions.



12/5: Arizona Wilderness Tap Takeover
The one and only Arizona Wilderness brewing co. will take over our taps this Thursday.

We are going to have some fun, the guys from Arizona Willderness will be in the building and we are going to make some beer cocktails, then the following beers will be on tap:

Saddle Mountain Saison
Rim Country Framboise Noir
Chardonnay BA Tripel
Pinot Noir BA Abbey Dubbel
Grapefruit Gose



12/5: Opening party: 2200 crazyness
After a long haul of building, designing, cooking and brewing, May is the day we are finally ready to open BRUS.

The show is going down Thursday the 12th of May, just in time to kickstart the weekend, CBC and the first summer of bre, fun and games at BRUS!

From 4pm there will be loud music, snacks galore and 2200 free beers, cocktails and rock & roll running from the taps.

We promise you won’t find a better housewarming to crash!

Make sure to mark the date and time – 12th of May 2016 from 4pm to midnight. First drinks on us!

About BRUS:
The guys behind the brewery To Øl and Mikropolis bar have joined forces to create a brewpub, restaurant, shop and bar in Nørrebro.

BRUS is the name of the place; a 750 m2 raw building with activities ranging wide from producing, brewing, kegging, cooking, dining and drinking. It all comes together in a sum of quality, science, experiments and functionality to create a playful venue for beer-lovers, microbrewers and hungry souls who fancy some socializing city life; a place with a constantly evolving range of experimental food and beverages.

The Danish name ‘BRUS’ refers to the sparkling quality liquid obtains when carbonated; the frizzy feeling of great brew. With production on-location, BRUS will be one of Copenhagen’s most ambitious microbrew and soft drink projects to date.

13/5: Restaurant Spontan - POP-UP: Sour beer & Spontan food!

Can you Lambic-it? Yes Spontan!

Before opening the doors for real, we are popping up at BRUS in a crazy collab with sour beer bar Koelschip during Copenhagen Beer Celebration.

We will serve a four course menu plus snacks ranging from ponzu, peas, ramsons and yeast bouillon over black pepper pork belly to sweets on the season's first rhubarbs.

Dennis from Mikkeller and To Øl's lambic bar Koelschip dedicated to Belgian style sour beers will walk you through an arsenal of world class sour and funky beers counting lambiek, kriek and geuze.

The pop-up is on Friday, 13th of May from 7pm.

Space is limited and ticketsale already on the go, so spark you spontaneous spirit and buy your ticket at Billetto before your beergeeky neighboor.

Tickets here: Billetto

15/5: Heavy Hangover Cure

Sunday morning after your tour de craft brew force at Copenhagen Beer Celebration or just too many stale pilsners at the nearby bodegas, help is on it's way.

You’ve been neglecting good manners, punishing your liver and performed too many party tricks on the dancefloor, and both your physical and mental state needs to be set-up for another week of tedious paperwork. You need something to cleanse your tastebuds from the 14% session Double IBA you drank the day before, something to recover you safely and give you a renewed love and zest for life. In simple terms, you need a really good hangover brekkie.

BRUS is your help in need performing BRUS Heavy Hangover Brunch #1 - Sunday 15th May from 10pm. The Spontan team is serving egg benedicts, flatbread sandwiches, shakes, bloody cocktails and To Øl’s very own Reparationsbajer Gluten Free. Pure greasy wellness served with compassion and sympathy.

Come and have your coffeetea, morning-drink and greasy eggs!



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