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January 19, 2024

Beer Lab News: January 2024 release, non-alcoholic edition

We’ve been brewing up something big.

In the latest Beer Lab drop for January, you will be able to get yourself 3 new and exciting non-alcoholic beers. 

So why stay home when you can hit the town, hang out with friends, and still enjoy a cold one? Go no alc. without compromising on flavor – our bars are pouring a fantastic selection of non-alcoholic beers that will keep your resolution intact.

What beers, you may ask? 

Our beloved Burst beer in a non-alc. edition, a Limbo Vanilla Raspberry, and the first-ever non-alc. Mikkeller pilsner. All 0,3%. 

Easy Living (Prediction Beer) - 0,3% Pilsner

It's Year of the Lager for everyone, also if you for one reason or the other, are avoiding alcohol. For years you've asked for a non-alcoholic pilsner, and we're sorry for the wait. But now we finally cracked the code for the best one. We encourage blind tasting between this and your favourite alcoholic pilsner.

Burst Non-Alc (Legacy Beer) - 0,3% West Coast IPA

For a long time our go-to IPA has been Burst, and now you can enjoy one on the days you're trying to be good. The same subtle bubble gum aroma, with a flavour of citrus, orange pith and grapefruit bitterness as you know it from the classic version.

Limbo Vanilla Raspberry (Experimental Beer) - 0,3% Flemish Primitive w. Vanilla Beans and Raspberries

When we first introduced our Limbo series, we instantly found a new classic series. This edition is made with the combination of Vanilla Beans and fresh Raspberries. Think Berries and Cream with a sour backbone from our Mikkellensis yeast strain.

They will be released at all Mikkeller bars on the 20th of January.

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