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August 10, 2022

Climate action made delicious

As of 16/12/2022 Mikkeller is no longer a part of the Zero Foodprint Initiative.

Mikkeller has committed to be part of changing the food system by giving guests the opportunity to support the Nordic nonprofit organisation Zero Foodprint Nordic with 1% climate action. This money is invested in local and regenerative farming projects to support the farmers who grow climate-beneficial food for all of us.

Together with Zero Foodprint Nordic, a Nordic non-profit organisation, we want to make food part of the climate solution.

You are part of the solution

When you eat at Mikkeller, 1% of your bill goes to Zero Foodprint Nordic. This money is used for local and regenerative farming projects to create healthier soil that increase biodiversity and sequesters carbon.

This way we can restore the climate and support a positive change in our food system.

Collective Climate action

Through Zero Foodprint Nordic we help local farmers to scale regenerative farming practices by building healthy soil that can grow nutritious and tasty food while also restoring the climate.

Together, we support farmers, fight climate change and eat better while we do so. No one can solve the climate crisis alone, but with small contributions and collective action, we can create the changes we need. Thank you for your contribution.

Read about the current Zero Foodprint Nordic projects here

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