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February 12, 2019

Young design studio has designed the upcoming Mikkeller Bar Paris


The winners of the Mikkeller Bar Paris design competition have used distinctly Danish features in what is to become the flagship Mikkeller bar of France.And the winner is…!

<!--more--><!--more-->For the first time ever, Mikkeller is happy to announce the winner of a design competition. The Copenhagen-based studio Press Space To Fly (PSTF) presented the best proposal for the upcoming Mikkeller Bar Paris, which is set to open mid-April.


Mikkeller Bar Paris, 32 rue de Rochechouart 75009 Paris

One of the features that caught the attention of the Mikkeller judges is a tiled brick floor that many Danes will recognize from traditional churches – as well as the internationally renowned art museum Louisiana. PSTF have created a tiled link between floor and bar, which gives the space a feeling unlike any other Mikkeller Bar. It is also a nod to many Parisian bars, which are known for their stone floors. The aim with the design competition has been to seek originality while drawing inspiration from the other Mikkeller bars. According to Mikkeller’s Head of Design, Pernille Pang, PSTF fulfilled this assignment excellently:

“PSTF did not just follow the interior trends which are dominant at the moment: they have come up with something new and surprising while still staying true to Mikkeller’s design DNA and identity, which is not an easy task,” she says.

The studio is founded by six young individuals whose design backgrounds are rooted in furniture design and architecture, and who know each other from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Taking their experiences from various design and architecture offices across the world, they united with the ambition to create an interdisciplinary experimental practice.

They decided to enter the competition because they viewed it as a perfect opportunity to merge Scandinavian coolness with the renowned and lively atmosphere of a Parisian bar, thus creating a framework for a space where people can meet, relax and enjoy. Press Space To Fly have this to say about winning the competition:

“Getting the possibility to work with innovative brewing pioneers like Mikkeller couldn’t be a greater pleasure. We deeply respect Mikkel (Borg Bjergsø) and his team for believing in an up-and-coming studio like ours to design their flagship bar in poetic Paris. Combining the tactility of the brick, which all of us grew up around, with Parisian neon charm and a few drops of Mikkeller seemed clear to us from the beginning. It took blood, sweat and beers to find the right balance. Now we look forward to taking the design concept into the actual building process - and of course to have our first Parisian sip in spring.”

Mikkeller Bar Paris is co-owned by Mikkeller and Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner of The American rock band The National. It will open mid-April.

Mikkeller Bar Paris, 32 rue de Rochechouart 75009 Paris

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