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December 1, 2023

Mikkeller and Michelin-starred Knystaforsen partner up for Christmas pop-up at Tivoli

It’s not every day that a beer brand partners up with a Michelin-starred restaurant for a pop-up. 

You might have heard of Knystaforsen. Established by Danish star chef Nicolai Tram, the Michelin-starred restaurant is located in a small village in southern Sweden next to a waterfall in the woods. Its unique concept revolves around preparing dishes outdoors over an open fire. 

With Knystaforsen, Nicolai Tram proudly became the first chef from Northern Jutland to be recognized with a Michelin Star.

Nicolai Tram at work at the bonfire

This December, the Danish chef is making a return to Denmark and will host a Knystaforsen pop-up in collaboration with Mikkeller at the world-famous amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. All of December. 

Situated in Tivoli's Japanese tower, you can get a taste of the cuisine and indulge in their delicious Æbleskiver, served alongside Mikkeller Gløgg. Naturally, you also have the option to choose from Mikkeller's beloved beers on tap.

"After my visit to Knystaforsen in Sweden, I've become a big fan of Nicolai Tram. Knystaforsen is a crazy experience unlike anything I’ve ever tried - and the food is next level. Partnering with a Michelin-starred restaurant of such quality and ambition perfectly shows what we love doing at Mikkeller. They’re fucking cool.” says Mikkel Bjergsø, Mikkeller.

If you find yourself in Copenhagen during the Christmas season, don't miss out on the Mikkeller x Knystaforsen pop-up at Tivoli. It's a magical blend of traditional Nordic cuisine and the warm, spiced flavors of Mikkeller Gløgg, all set against the backdrop of Tivoli's enchanting festive atmosphere.

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