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January 30, 2018

Mikkeller Beer Tour Copenhagen x Beer Adventures


If you’re visiting Copenhagen or wanting a day out with a little more Mikkeller beer action, then you’re in luck, as today Beer Adventures announced an exclusive new Mikkeller Beer Tour of Copenhagen on their app.

Beer Adventures are interactive city guides and app-led beer tours that are designed to give everyone a day out on highly curated trails around 85 major world cities.

Beer Adventures Founder (and Mikkeller Beer Club member) Jonny Quirk says: ‘We’re obviously big fans of Mikkeller beers and when visiting Copenhagen last year tried to hit as many of their bars as possible. It’s such a great city with awesome beer at every turn”

We’ve recently launched Beer Adventures in a number of new European cities and when creating our new Copenhagen tour we built a 7 stop tour of great local beer bars, but I thought let’s go one step forward and really showcase the home of Mikkeller by creating an additional Beer Adventure. The guys at Mikkeller thought it was a super cool idea so here we have it ready to be taken by anyone who finds themselves in Copenhagen”


“I see our Mikkeller beer tour being perfect for beer fans new in town for MBCC or when stopping by for a few days any time of the year. We even have the function where multiple phones can be connected with the app so as everyone on the ‘tour’ can compete with each other to see who’s the biggest beer geek on the day”

“We’ve formed a really great day out that takes in breakfast and ramen, pretty much all of the bars when open (including Baghaven) and it finishes in WarPigs. Our integrated maps mean you’ll be directed around town whether on foot, taxi or going native on a bicycle”

Like all Beer Adventures app tours, you’re taken around the city on a well designed route at your own pace (with integrated Google maps) so you can stay as long as you wish in each place. There’s trivia questions on the city you’re in to be answered and rich content on each bar you check-in to on each tour.


Jonny said “what’s great about our Mikkeller tour is that with each place you visit, you’ll learn more about the Mikkeller story, find some great drinks suggestions and maybe even unlock one or two little Mikkeller based surprises when you check in to certain bars on our app”

The Beer Adventure app also features Mikkeller bars on a number of their worldwide Beer Adventures tours such as Downtown LA, San Francisco, Stockholm, Tokyo, Seoul, Reykjavik, Berlin and Bangkok.


The app is free to download on iOS and Android and for the UK price of £3.99 (purchased in your own currency worldwide) you can download any city on the Beer Adventures app and have access to all it’s tours.

Also don’t miss the Beer Adventures interview with Mikkel from last year.

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