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June 24, 2020

Mikkeller makes alcohol free beer for Burger King

Mikkeller and Burger King have teamed up for the non-alcoholic beer The King's Cup. The new beer is paired with the restaurant’s two new gourmet burgers. The full menu, featuring The King’s Cup, is available starting today in Sweden and Denmark.

Beer, summer and freshly grilled burgers are a rock-solid winner for most, and from the end of June this almost holy trinity can also be found at Burger King. The burger chain challenges the growing market for burgers in Denmark with a new gourmet concept and a new Danish beer. Burger King has collaborated with Mikkeller, who has brewed a beer exclusively for Burger King in Denmark and Sweden.


The new beer, named The King's Cup, is a fresh, full-bodied and non-alcoholic summer beer, created to quench the thirst for two brand new burgers from Burger King's World Gourmet Series, which will be a regular part of the burger chain's menu in the future.


“It is really exciting and completely new in the fast food world to be able to offer both tasty burgers and real craft beer to a wide audience. The collaboration with Mikkeller falls naturally, and burgers and beer is an obvious match. And since the beer is non-alcoholic, it is a fun and non-committal pleasure – corresponding well with our spirit”, says Daniel Schröder, marketing manager for Burger King in Denmark.


Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, CEO and founder of Mikkeller, is also excited about the collaboration.

"Since the beginning of Mikkeller it has been my aim to democratize high quality craft beer and to raise the overall standard of beer. With this collaboration, which I think is fun and inclusive, we reach a different audience than the people who normally go to our bars or visit fine dining restaurants,” he says.


"Alcohol-free beer is a fast-growing trend in Denmark, and we want to spread the message that non-alcoholic beer can actually taste like real beer – really good beer even".

The new beer is designed by Mikkeller's art director Keith Shore and is adorned by Mikkeller's well-known characters Henry and Sally in Burger King uniform.