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May 5, 2022

Mikkeller Running Club collects ½ million kroner for the Danish Red Cross

On Saturday, May 7th, Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) finishes a month raising money for the Danish Red Cross.

The owner of Mikkeller, Mikkel Bjergsø, is a Club 10 ambassador for the Red Cross this year, and MRC has encouraged everyone to run to help collect money during the last month.

Mikkeller has promised to donate 5 DKK per kilometer run by the participants. If the club members gather a minimum of 50,000 km between them, the amount will be doubled.


The club surpassed that 50,000 km last weekend.

Runners from MRC chapters around the world have helped and done their part to ensure that the total already exceeds what is expected, and that the amount collected is currently more than DKK 500,000. Naturally, both MRC and the Danish Red Cross are proud of this accomplishment. Jens Grønning, Head of Club 10, Danish Red Cross, says:

“We are super happy and proud of our collaboration with Mikkeller. This fantastic initiative, where Mikkeller Running Club has activated so many runners. We are, of course, also very grateful for the incredibly nice amount, of plus DKK 500,000 from this project, which is abundantly needed for the vulnerable in both Denmark and the rest of the world, not least in Ukraine, where the population needs both emergency protection and emergency aid.”


Members of MRC have also been able to sign up for teams competing to collect the most donations. The teams earn tickets for a competition in which lots are drawn for prizes donated by Mikkeller and their partners. The main prize is donated by Air Greenland - a travel gift card of DKK 20,000.


“We are deeply grateful for the support we have received from both runners and partners who have donated prizes to the project. We were able to cover 50,000 km already a week before the end of MRC Charity Month is really impressive. I look forward to celebrating it on Saturday", Mikkel Bjergsø says.

The MRC Charity Month ends on Saturday in Kødbyen in Copenhagen at the monthly training session on the first Saturday of the month, and everyone is welcome at Warpig's Brewpub at 11.00.

There will be distances and paces for all types of runners and as pr. tradition, MRC offers a cold beer after the run. This month, a beer called "Speed Session" is being served, and this is no coincidence. The beer was brewed at Warpigs in collaboration with the club's runners - and all proceeds from the sale of this are of course also donated to the Red Cross. The official event can be found here

For more information on MRC and training, go to this link

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