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March 8, 2022

Sleep well at MBCC 2022

MBCC is just two and a half months away, and we have some amazing hotel deals for you during your stay and a few more breweries to add to the line up 🍻

We have partnered up with three hotels that are all about a five minute walk from Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District) where Øksnehallen is located In case you didn't know, Øksnehallen is the location for Mikkeller Beer Celebration 2022.

All hotels are close to Mikkeller locations like WarPigs, La Neta, Ramen to Biiru and the original Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade. The rest of our locations are just a bike ride or trip with public transport away!




You can access the special discount with this link

You can also use the code cu-mik at to get access to the discount.

The hotel is located at RĂĽdhuspladsen, in the middle of Copenhagen. It's only an 8 minute walk from the Central Station and close to attractions like Tivoli as well.




To book a room at one of the Guldsmeden-hotels, use the promo code MBCC22 for 20% off your hotel stay.

Book via their site: When you are creating your booking, write the code where it says PROMO CODE.

To be closest to the festival area we would recommend booking a room at either Carlton Guldsmeden or Axel Guldsmeden. Both of these hotels are under five minutes away from Øksnehallen, about a ten minute walk to central station and Tivoli.



Hotel Villa

Use this link to get 20% off your stay at Hotel Villa Copenhagen during MBCC.

The hotel is right next to the Central Station and Kødbyen (The Meatpacking District), so you’ll have endless opportunities to get around town.


Wise advice

We will have different bottle releases and tap takeovers at our Copenhagen locations in the week leading up to the festival, so an extended visit to Copenhagen is advised, if you want to get the full Beer Celebration-experience. The final program for the Beer Week is being wrapped up as we speak, so stay tuned for updates on our MBCC-channels.

We released the full line up for Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen two weeks ago (23/02). Previously we had announced the following breweries for the pre-sale, in case you missed them: 3 Sons - The Attic Meadery - Blackstack Brewing - Bofkont - Brasserie de la Sambre - Humble Forager - Moksa Brewing Co. - Pulpit Rock Brewing - Ology Brewing - Spartacus.

Find the full line up here

As we mentioned earlier, we do have a few awesome add-ons to the line up:

Funky Fluid is the most hyped Polish brewery nowadays. The Warsaw based brewery brews juicy IPAs, incredible fruit bombs and delicious stouts. They have been really engaged in the Brew For Ukraine- movement and just released NO TYRANTS, a hazy IPA where all the proceeds go to organisations supporting a free and independent Ukraine.

VinohradskĂ˝ is a brewery from Prague, Czech Republic, that started up in 2014. They make tasty IPAs and crushable traditional Czech pilsners. They have a mixture between new school styles and traditional styles like pilsners, which lets face it, never goes out of fashion.

We can't wait to see you in May for great beverages, events and sunny spring days! ☀️

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