Mikkeller Passport Rules

How old do you have to be before you can get a passport? You have to be 21 years old

Who can use it? ONLY the person who owns the passport.

How do I register the passport? To register the passport, there are 2 steps:

1. step is to print and glue a picture of the passport holder into the passport. You don't have to do this when buying the passport, but you can't claim any prizes without having a photo in your passport.

2. step is to sign up for the official passport newsletter below.Then the passport is registered and ready to use!

Can others collect stamps for you? No! Only the registered owner of the passport can collect the stamps.

How do you get a stamp? When you buy something in the restaurant/bar/bottleshop. The minimum is a small draft beer/canned beer.

How do you collect the prizes? All prizes consisting of beers will be paid out at the bar/restaurant/bottleshop when you get the prize awarding stamp (nr. 10, nr. 20, etc.). Prizes cannot be saved in the passport.

To be able to claim a prize, the passport must contain a photo.

MBCC-tickets and other crazy prizes will be paid out in another way. When you get the stamps, send a photo of them all to daniel@mikkeller.dk


😮 10 different stamps: 1 small draft beer

😯 20 different stamps: 2 large draft beers

😳 30 different stamps: 3 large draft beers

😲 40 different stamps: 5 large draft beers

🥴 50 different stamps: MBCC ticket

🤯 All locations: Grand prize uhhhhhhhhh

Rules and prizes are subject to change - to stay updated on rules, passport challenges and other cool benefits, then remember to sign up to the newsletter!

Remember to share your globetrotting moments with us at #passthebeer and #mikkellerpassport

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