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May 31, 2012

Malt Liquor & Bum Wine


Yesterday we sat all day at the Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse and waited for the yeast that was delayed because of Memorial Day. The only meaningful thing to do in that situation was to drink a lot of the good beers.
Terry served one fantastic farmhouse beer after another. While we sat and enjoyed the good beer we came suddenly to talk about malt liquor - a terrible beer that is most often enjoyed straight out of a bottle, wrapped in a brown paper bag under a bridge by a homeless man.
The conversation led to a bum wine tasting - I do not know why we did it, but suddenly they good beer replaced with the most horrible cheap booze I've ever tasted.
After that experience, there was barbecue food and even more amazing farmhouse ales.
We ended early because the day after we were going to brew the first of three Mikkeller/Farmers Cabinet beers.