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February 22, 2013

Mikkeller in Russia


I am in Russia right now - and I'm here to brew some beers. Today we brewed two beers in two different breweries at the same time.

We got up early and drove to the Metropole brewery here in Saint Petersburg. Here we brewed a Trippel with orange peel, coriander and rose leaves.

As soon as we had mashed in, we drove to Vassileostrovskaya brewery to brew an Imperial Stout. As soon as it was mashed in, we drove back to the Metropole to proceed with our Trippel. And like that it went throughout the whole day, back and forth through Saint Petersburg at high speed.

There are probably not many who have survived a high speed drive through Saint Petersburg, the traffic here is crazy, but I felt quite safe and not at all afraid in Yuri's four-wheel drive rocket. He is born and raised in this town and knows all the tricks in traffic.

Besides being a great driver, Yuri is also a good friend of Mikkeller, and it is he who is the man behind these Mikkeller Made In Russia brews.

In the picture you can see Yuri and me dressed up as Doctor Deadly Driver and Doktoer Erikschon.

Tomorrow we'll brew an IPA. More to come here from ice cold Russia.