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March 7, 2014

Mikkeller & Partizan Brewing


Yesterday I brewed a big strong Quad with Partizan Brewing. Andy did all the work, but before the beer was finished, I poured a bottle Monks Brew in the boiler. It is an old tradition here in Mikkeller, and although ther has been a standstill since Mikkel first time threw a bottle of Black in the boiler at Three Floyds for approximately four years ago, the tradition resumed yesterday right here in London.
When the beer has fermented, it will sit in a brandy barrel for about six months before it is ready to be enjoyed.
It was a great pleasure to be at Partizan yesterday and it was obvious to me that there is a big and very interesting beer scene right here in London. Who would have thought just a few years ago.
Today Mikkeller hosts a Tap Takeover at the Kings Arms, so if you are in London, drop by and have a beer with me.

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