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August 21, 2014

Pura Pura Blowout


Not too long ago, a group of people got together to build a skate park in La Paz, Bolivia from scratch. More than 100 volunteers from over a dozen different nations were joined by professional skateboarders Al Partanen, Josh Matthews, David Gravette, Chet Childress, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett and Marius Syvanen to help build what is now one of the largest skateparks in all of South America at 2,000 square meters.

Volunteers from outside of the area and pros alike slept for weeks in makeshift huts a few hundred yards up from the build site where they cooked each meal on camp stoves and rested up from sixteen hour days of pouring and finishing concrete.

The result of endless days and campfire nights is a skatepark that’s suited to every level of skating and large enough to support the entire city of La Paz and beyond.

To celebrate, a temporary skatepark was built inside of St. Agnes Church in Berlin, Germany where the Pura Pura Blowout Beer also saw the light of day. Our small contribution to this great cause.

Please visit the sites to learn more, share the videos with your network, and otherwise raise awareness of this great cause.

Pura Pura Skatepark -

Skateboarding in La Paz Documentary -

Berlin Blowout -

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