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October 13, 2020

Mikkeller launches brand new product

The Danish beer company is embarking on a completely new genre, sparkling alcoholic water. The beverage is a relatively new in Europe, but well known in the United States.

In the US, they go by the name hard seltzers and have grown drastically in popularity over the last few years. Now Mikkeller is launching their own version of the drink, which can best be described as sparkling water, alcohol and natural fruit aromas. Hard seltzers are still pretty unknown in Europe, but the trend is growing and has great potential, according to Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, Creative Director and founder of Mikkeller. He believes the appeal is mainly due to the low-calorie content and their interesting and accessible flavors.

An overview of the different flavours in Mikkellers Sparkling Alcoholic Water

“Mikkeller is primarily known for making beer, and beer will always be the core of our company, but we also produce wine and spirits, for example, and find it exciting and fun to experiment with new products. With hard seltzers - or sparkling alcoholic water - as we call them, we have seen a growing market, and think it could be fun to make our own version. That's why, both at our brewery in San Diego and with our close partner at de Proef Brouwerij in Belgium, we have thrown ourselves into producing this drink,” he says.

One of the new sparkling alcoholic waters with a melon flavour

An elegant alternative

Mikkeller's new drink will initially be offered in three different versions; melon, pineapple and passion fruit /mango. They contain no sugar or artificial additives, and contain only 82,5 calories per 330 ml. Therefore, it is a fairly simple and much cleaner product than the usual sugary, alcoholic beverages that are on the supermarket shelves, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø explains:

“I have come across hard seltzers on my travels to the US and have always thought that it was a simple and more elegant alternative to sweet alcoholic beverages like Barcardi Breezers and Smirnoff Ice, and that it could be fun to try making a Mikkeller version. In addition, there is currently a growing demand for this type of beverage, and of course we would like to be frontrunners of that trend here in Europe.”

The Mikkeller Seltzers will be available at Mikkeller locations from the beginning of November, and we are looking forward to announcing our first grocery partner soon.

Mikkeller mascot Sally pouring a seltzer in her glass

Mikkeller sparkling alcoholic water 330 ml4,5 % vol

Low caloriesNo sugarNo additives Natural fruit aroma

Three versions:

🍉 Melon

🍍 Pineapple

🥭 Mango/passion fruit