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November 14, 2017

New Beer Geek Breakfast Can + A brand new bg beer!

The beer that kickstarted it all has received a much anticipated facelift and we're also adding a new beer to the beer geek family!


For a long time the Beer Geek Breakfast has only been available in the classic 33cl glass bottle. But times change and the newest batch of the Beer Geek Breakfast brewed at the facility of our good ol' friends in Stavanger, Lervig, will arrive in a new contemporary design.

The BG Breakfast have been treated with an all-black, 50cl VIP can for (almost) twice the satisfaction. The beer itself is still brewed from the same recipe as always, however, this time we tried to tweak the way we brew the beer slightly and this batch turned out to be the best one yet, according to Mike Murphy and his savvy crew at Lervig.


Having worked with Lervig for a long time, we know they appreciate quality above all and we couldn't think of a place better suited for brewing Beer Geek Breakfast. 

The new all-black breakfast can will hit Mikkeller Webshop within the next couple of weeks, so make sure you stay in touch.



In addition to the new BG Breakfast cans we also got another sweet surprise for you since we will be introducing a brand new beer to the Beer Geek Series, the Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa Shake, also in a 50cl can for maximum dark pleasure and - to cite Mike Murphy - perhaps the best stout he ever brewed for us (excited yet?).



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