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October 5, 2022

The work with the Mikkeller Reconciliation Program is completed

On January 13, 2022 Hand & Heart and Mikkeller announced the establishment of the Mikkeller Reconciliation Program (MRP). Today, we are pleased to announce that the work with MRP has concluded.

As we announce the end of the Reconciliation Program, our priority is that participants of this program feel that their experiences have been acknowledged by Mikkeller, that the program has entailed reconciliation between the participants and Mikkeller, and that the results from the program will help Mikkeller to develop and ensure an even better work environment.

Hand & Heart has released a public report that highlights the key details and findings from the work with the program. The public report is accessible via this link

It is a key focus here at Mikkeller to ensure that we keep learning and improving as an organization, and the MRP has been an important part of this continuing important work.

Moving forward we continue to be inspired to learn and will still focus on improving to be the best work place we can be, and help others by being a leading positive voice in our beloved craft beer community.

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